The Man With The Kryptonite Sock.

Yesterday, in my Metallo post, you may have noticed an intriguing figure with an interesting (and slightly familiar) name.

That name is Zha-vam!

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Maybe I need to spell it out for you…

Z for Zeus...

Yeah, ol’ Zha-zha up there was pretty clearly an early attempt at teasing a Superman/Captain Marvel bash fest. There was even a dash of Wonder Woman in there, as Zeus and a bunch of other Greek gods and heroes got jealous of Superman and made their own champion out of clay to go clobber him. They also gave him that nifty alphabet belt that would allow him to summon up MORE famous mythological powers. Like G, for Gorgon:

But more importantly, he had THIS:

Kryptonite sock!

That’s right. The man’s secret weapon was a Kryptonite sock, used to cover his Achilles heel (because when Achilles gives you invulnerability, obviously you get the heel of instantaneous defeat to go with it).

In the end, Superman got his own belt of Godly powers from a rival group of Gods, Atlas (don’t ask) makes like Dr Scholl’s and strips Zha-vam of his green sock, and victory quickly comes with a super belt spank to the…

(wait for it…)


Heel of Instantaneous Defeat!

Name, powers, and general Silver Age cheesiness aside, the whole thing was actually pretty creative. The whole motivation behind the Gods creation of Zha-vam was a good one, and the story ran for three consecutive issues, which was virtually unheard of back then.

(Shout outs to the always excellent Silver Age Comics Blog for the pics and background info on ol’ Zha-zha up there.)

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