The Many Looks of Metallo.

Metallo… The Killer With The Kryptonite Heart!

What a great tagline. And it’s not like Superman has a lot of cool villains with cool taglines. The man barely even has that many cool villains.

That’s the original (technically the second, since Superman once fought a Metalo with one T, but he was completely unrelated) Metallo’s look, right up there. Pretty straight forward; appropriate given that he was a straight forward cyborg, albeit one whose body could be powered for life via kryptonite. Of course once he stole some, he wasted it on a plot to kill Superman instead, and so he died when his batteries did. If only the Energizer Bunny had been his partner in crime. Alex Ross later revisited this look for his Justice miniseries.

Alex Ross later revisited this look for his Justice miniseries.

Later on down the line, the original Metallo’s brother would show up for revenge, using a similar gimmick.

To me, this was always the coolest Metallo. A severed head in a super strong, unstoppable, kryptonite powered (and kryptonite chest beam shooting!) robot body? Awesome. It was this incarnation that first got the “The Killer With The Kryptonite Heart!” tagline. He got even cooler to me when he added his mask

Very few villains can pull off an orange and green color scheme. The pre-Crisis Metallo is one of the few.

Of course, then came the 80s, and the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Which led to Metallo getting revamped by John Byrne as, well… pretty much as the Terminator.

Gotta say I never cared for it, but the “fake skin over robot skeleton” look would be Metallo’s most identifiable look for most of the next 2 decades, due largely to it’s usage in the Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League cartoons.

Of course, as ongoing comics are wont to do, Metallo kept getting tweaked, usually in ways that called up more Terminator comparisons.

At one point, they threw the T-1000 into the mix, giving him the ability to turn his limbs into weapons.

So not into it.

Fortunately for a orange and green pimpin’ Metallo fan like myself, it looks like Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are bringing back the classic Metallo look for Superman: Secret Origins.

Now that’s an updated look I can get behind. Let’s try to keep it for awhile please.

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