The Man With The Getaway Face.

It just so happens that right now, I am a third of the way through one of Richard Stark’s (aka the late great Donald E Westlake) Parker novels.

That novel is The Man With The Getaway Face.

Now, I love me some Donald E Westlake, be it the grim and violent Parker novels (written under the Stark alias) or his the comedy crime capers of John Archibald Dortmunder, or any of his numerous other crime novels, comedic and otherwise.

So, between searches for more noize fodder, I started randomly skimming for old copies of Westlake/Stark novels (because let’s face it, the old 50s and 60s paperback designs are way cooler than any of the reprint designs they get assigned as time goes on). Which eventually led me to this:

Truely, my mind was blown. A Parker comic? And not just a Parker comic but a Parker comic that is intended to be a teaser for a Parker comic to come? And one adapted and drawn by Darwyn Cooke, one of the few talents in the field who I think not only captures a silver age spirit with a modern touch in his art, but also truly gets how to properly do a comic book with film noir overtones?

Tell me more, internet.

Apparently, Cooke will be adapting not just one but FOUR classic Parker novels to comics. And according to Wikipedia, Westlake himself was so impressed with the adaption of the first book (The Hunter, which you may know better as the Lee Marvin classic Point Blank, or somewhat less better as the not very classic Mel Gibson flick Payback) that he allowed the name Parker to be used in the adaptions; something he has never let a movie do, ever (Marvin was Walker and fit the role; Gibson was Porter and didn’t).

To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

In the spirit of that excitement, and for those of you who aren’t so psyched on pulp fiction and film noir and maybe prefer your comics a little more straight forward, here are a couple Cooke originals in the superhero field that are up for grabs.

And a signed Jonah Hex for good measure.

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