Well, they umm… Guard the Galaxy.

Absolutely one of the best superhero team comics in history.

The Guardians of the Galaxy. Particularly, the Jim Valentino run.

Absolutely loved it. Because it existed in it’s own pocket / alternate universe, it was able to be the sole baby of a creator who had a singular version of it that saw the characters evolve, develop, and at times die. The stories fell apart here and there, and to be honest I never really liked the whole Starhawk / Aleta back and forth, I found a real depth to the characters. And despite some falling back on Marvel mythos to create some external interest, I feel the series had a real strength to it.

Usually I recoil when I hear about a retcon or reimagined version of books I loved – but the recent version of Guardians of the Galaxy has wormed it’s way into my “relevant interests” category. Rocket Raccoon. Gamora. Adam Warlock. Right there – nuff said. I will allow my galactic Marvel fanboy fly at some point in the near future, but in the meantime, bookend your room with these two posters, celebrating some of Marvel’s finest.

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  1. xjasonx24
    Posted May 5, 2010 at 3:01 am | Permalink

    Wow, I didn’t realize Dan Abnett was writing this. He’s a great sci fi writer for Games Workshop. For Warhammer 40k, a sci fi game actually. I wonder if he could pen a story about L’armée Qui Boit Le Sang De Tigre…..

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