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Sergio Aragones original art…

Well, it’s not Groo. Sadly. But on the bright side (always look on that) the piece is AWESOME. From the book “Incurably Mad” ¬†published in the late 70’s, this is apparently from the collection of a relative of Aragones who has decided to let it go. I wanted to wait on this, but it’s too […]

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Celebrate our Soldiers…

And the first that comes to mind is obviously Steve Rogers, Captain America himself. But I/we celebrate him enough, thank you very much. But maybe ol’ John Walker deserves some attention. Half man, half super-soldier, half dickhead… He still loves our country. He served as Captain America until he got too extreme to wave the […]

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Well This Snuck Up On Me…

The Walking Dead hardcover volume 5. Out now!!

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Scaramouch, Scaramouch, Will You Do The Fandango?

I never read issue 2 of this funny little series about a road tripping sorcerer and his gun toting girlfriend stumbling into a town that had been magically slaughtered and raised as zombies, but I always wondered if they ever worked in the Queen quote.

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Who just found 4 GWAR videos in a box in the trunk of his car? THIS GUY. Scored them last fall when a bunch of us stumbled upon 4 giant cardboard boxes of old metal cassettes and vhs tapes in the lobby of a friends building. Apparently, there had been a blind metal-head postman living […]

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Strange New Worlds…

Often involving Greek/Roman mythology. I mean, seriously, the Star Trek writers loved that stuff. Like half the starships in the fleet had Greek/Roman names. And The Romulans? Hello??? And then there were episodes like Bread and Circuses. And Who Mourns For Adonais. And… well, ok that’s all I can actually think of. But there’s this: […]


New “Avengers”. Not “New Avengers”

It’s been a long time coming. Few things in comics are certain. But one to stand by is “no one stays dead forever”. And that counts doubly for good team books. I can say that the Avengers hit some skids. The stagnation level was at an all time high as far as I’m concerned through […]

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You know it’s bad when…

Robin is commenting that you have too many brightly colored outfits. For real Bruce. I would like to see the Otherworld where this caught on. And actually, didn’t DC just recycle this idea for the Green Lantern series? This kind of zaniness is one of the most charming things about DC of the era. Very […]

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Remember Clifford?

You know, the Big Red Dog? Well the same guy wrote these: I loved these as a small fry. They were what I read when every one else was messing around with Clifford. (There are def WAY cheaper ones floating around Ebay; like we’re talking $1 BINs. But these were the only ones with pictures, […]

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Aren’t Nite Lite’s Supposed To Keep The Monsters Away?

Cuz, uhhhh, this Darth Vader night light? Not exactly comforting. Thankfully, Spider Man is here to make every thing better. His eyes light up! Oh shut up, Popeye.

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