90’s Hobgoblin

Of all the spider-villains, Hobgoblin was one of my favorites. Admittedly, he’s a blatant ripoff / amalgamation of the Green Goblin and Jack O’Lantern, but I digress.

What I didn’t like was when he was bastardized into the demo-goblin courtesy of the infinity war. Diluting an already thin character who no one actually wants to have depth with a terrible storyline really hurt. Let’s be honest. Let the Hobgoblin terrorize the huddled masses with pumpkin bombs and have Spider-Man come and smash him. Case closed.

Now why you gotta go and give him a pumpkin earring? Oof. Otherwise – this piece is actually pretty awesome and if the reserve isn’t set too high, I bet this could go for considerably less than the $1200 buy it now.

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