My Friend Peter.

As a comic book nerd on a budget, I often rely on the kindness of strangers to keep my reading up to date.

And by strangers, I mean my friend Peter, without whom I never would have read so many of the many Blackest Night tie ins.

I also rely on him to provide me with a living room in which I may sit and play video games and watch Lost in captivating HDtv. He’s a good dude. He also has a toy collection that could fill multiple rooms.

As is often the case, Peter is now out of room (and married), and is selling a large selection of his collection to help finance his move to a larger home. Everything from He-man to Spawn.

Minimates? Modern Megos? He’s got those on lock.

Still into Mighty Muggs? He’s got those too.

Or maybe what you really need in life is an Iron Man t-shirt to wear on May 7.

Or perhaps a translucent purple limited edition MAXX action figure.

Whatever it is, I’m sure Peter’s got you covered. So go check his auctions out and help me get a nicer place to hang out in… err, help my friend get a nicer place a live in.

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