My Favorite Uncanny X-Men (cover)

I’ve spoken highly of Marc Silvestri before, and I think it’s pretty clear that I am among the many who was / is a devotee to the church of Xavier.

At one point, like many others I’m sure, I would have told you Wolverine was my favorite comic book character. But the 90’s killed him.

He became a caricature of what he was supposed to be, he was softened by the successful Fox animated series, and overexposure just escalated. And this was 15 years ago – as is now he’s a member of both the X-Men and the Avengers and has no less than 2 books published with him as the headliner a month, ongoing or otherwise.

But when Uncanny X-Men #251 dropped, it was the ultimate seal of my approval for Wolverine. He was grizzled, defeated, crushed. But he wouldn’t roll over and die.

This cover exemplifies the issue, although when you see the use of purples and green tones, it might give you some otherworldly feel. The only otherworlding going on here were hallucinations on the part of Wolverine, which added to this issue feeling as low as it should have. The X-Men had disbanded, crossed through Siege Perilous (it’s a long story…) and basically chosen a chance at normal lives over the fight they had given their whole lives to. But not Wolverine. He was the last of the outback X-Men, crucified by Donald Pierce and the Reavers, basically the twisted and contorted broken branch of the Hellfire Club tree.

This was not a child friendly comic book. He’s crucified. On a pile of bones. And just as it seems like this it… a light in the darkness. Jubilee.

In hindsight… that’s pretty funny.

But it doesn’t change my utter devotion to this issue. Absolute classic.

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