Jim Lee + Batman = Awesome

Jim Lee isn’t my favorite comic book artist. 

But you know, Michael Jordan wasn’t my favorite basketball player either. 

I think it’s safe to say that if you like superhero comic books post 1985, you not only know but also really like Jim Lee (at the least). His style has been hacked and ripped and bootlegged over and over to the point that it IS the modern form.

I wouldn’t don him the Jack Kirby of this era yet, but he’s close. When I see his art I see the strong, angular form of Marc Silvestri (who’s style eventually evolved into something I’d dare to say was influenced BY Lee) with the style and detail of John Byrne and a crispness that seemed to redefine comic art. Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld were considered on the same strata as Lee (in hindsight, how?) but they both lacked the attention, use of space, and flexibility of detail that have helped make Jim Lee the MJ23 of the comic game. 

Forever respect. HUSH is a top tier Batman story, so definitely scoop this up.

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