So wait… Baseball cards come with gum…

But Gum comes with comic books? 

And wait… then the 90’s hit, and comics came with baseball cards! THE CIRCLE IS COMPLETE!

I’ll say this. I knew at a young age NOT to eat the gum that came in packs of cards, but I’m still tempted to try this 30+ year old gum featuring Marvel heroes.

That’s Captain America on the gum you’re considering at the local 7-11. And behind? That ain’t no Johnny Storm. That’s gotta be the original Human Torch, the Timely Comics hero. So this gum you might – no MUST – buy is doubly patriotic. Both these fine comic gents fought fictional Nazis. And that’s pretty cool to me. 

This is a pretty gnarly combo as well. The Thing, Yancy Street’s finest, teamed with the Norse thunderer Thor makes for one killer combo. My only complaint? No Mjolnir. What if… the gum was in the shape of Thor’s hammer?!?! 

Man… the 70’s had everything. 

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