When I sold my Miracleman collection 5 years ago, I got $300 for graphic novel collection of the first 3 issues, plus an additional 3 issues and a copy of Kimota! the Miracleman Companion.

It wasn’t worth it. I really miss them. But it was probably worth it for whoever bought them from me. Whoever wins this auction for the complete run of the series will undoubtedly pay much more than $300, but they will definitely be just as worth it for them as it was for the guy who bought mine.

Seriously, this series was a total game changer, and one of the best Alan Moore works ever (the Neil Gaiman portion ain’t half bad either). Why I ever sold what I had of it, I have no idea…

Oh, that’s right, I was recovering from surgery and couldn’t work and need money for necessities like food.

I should have just starved.

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