Symbiote… meet the Hulk. And THOR.

If #1 was the spark, this was the explosion. 

Seriously, the cover alone speaks volumes. 

The Hulk and Thor BASHING Spider-Man, and him showing no impact. And a crazy pink background. Woah.

I mention the background because it’s an interesting tool that is not always used in comics. In recent years, it’s been put into a much more prominent usage – see the Morrison era New X-Men. The solid color background creates an image that if done right becomes immediately iconic and attractive to the viewer. At the same time, if the image is weak, the cover looks poorly constructed and lackluster. It’s all or nothing, and they hit it out of the park on this one. For those who’ve been reading, I made a post about a Fantastic Four run that included one of my all-time favorite covers. Not surprisingly, it utilized this solid color background device – and I loved it. 

I could ramble on and on about this issue, but let me just throw a spoiler out. If you’re mad, it’s your fault for being 20+ years late on this. Just tease your senses on this.

THOR possessed by the symbiote. Versus the Black Bolt. In a cave. BOOM.   

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