My favorite Uncle.

I’ve got a lot of uncles. When your father and mother combine for a total 10 siblings, you’re bound to have some good ones. 

Some people might have had some bad uncles, but not me. I guess I’m lucky. 

But my absolute favorite happens to have a bill, a top hat, and a cane. And a whole lotta money. 

Uncle Scrooge, aka Scrooge McDuck. As a big fan, I’ve done  a little research about him. I have to admit that my first exposure was the Duck Tales cartoon. And actually, it’s held up. I don’t own the dvd’s, but maybe you want to…

And for those who are WAY in the know… you probably are already familiar with the Uncle Scrooge comic series. A series that was recently picked up by BOOM! Comics, and has run consecutively for over 50 years now, over the span of six different publishers. The “Gold Key” publishing era is a particular highlight. I’ve scooped out a couple of these and have pondered getting into the game. Not yet though…

And love this one too. Someone put this on a shirt for me, asap!

And tell me this wouldn’t look perfect in a guest room or office. Classy. 

And for those of us on a more confined budget – the perfect knick knack for any fan of the clan McDuck. (PS If you are looking for more history on this one of a kind family, go here.) 

Oh, and remember that shirt I just asked about? Well nevermind, because I found this joint in an XXXXL. That’s not a typo. 

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