Okay, Let’s talk Cannonball and the New Mutants.

Sam Guthrie.

Or as I think of him, the hick with no schtick. 

He was supposed to be the leader of the New Mutants. Essentially, he was Cyclops with an accent. Unfortunately, he was always whiny and ineffective, which to be honest was part of the appeal of the New Mutants. They WERE losers. It definitely felt as though they LOST more than they won.

Doug dies. Warlock dies. Magick dies.

Rahne gets Genosha’d. Most of the members got put through the ringer and especially in hindsight feels like a good reflection of a “high school for superheroes” experience. Most people will tell you high school wasn’t all that fun – I’m sure Sam Guthrie would agree.

Oh p.s. – Professor X leaves for a galactic journey (he was a bad teacher anyways) and now Magneto is your professor. Until he ditches them and the new mutants might as well be renamed the Latchkey Mutants.

And then… a light in the darkness. The (new) New Mutants give the team an interesting jolt. Boom-Boom and Rictor helped this team with a bit of an edginess. Even Rusty and Skids helped make them interesting. And wouldn’t you know it, Boom-Boom likes the tall, gawky types. And… enter Cable. (And Rob Liefeld.)

(* seller’s location: “The Xavier Institute for Gifted Students.” Nice try, noob. That’s where Generation X did their x-learning.) 

And we then go through the coolest period of the New Mutants. Issues 87-100 are awesome – essentially everything I want out of comics – episodic characters going through changes, progressing and pretty high level of storytelling. Not once during these issues did I complain about odd proportions or giant guns – that’s what a breath of fresh air this was. And hey, Cannonball is coming around. Sure the ever-present “ah guess ah just dont know” was annoying, but he was finally leaving the world of wimpdom. It was nice. Oh and then Sunspot left and literally no one cared. Literally. No. One. Cared.

There were so many cool characters popping off (Domino, Deadpool, Shatterstar, Gideon, Feral, Warpath) that ‘Berto wasn’t even a blip. Boom-Boom and Cannonball were essentially all that was left of the Latchkey Mutants, and so we move into the X-Force era. What can I say – at this point I’m a fan, Cannonball is developing and has potential. He’s slowly moving away from the character with an awful stereotypical accent and who cries and has a terrible knack for failing. 

To be continued in – “Pt 2 – Let’s talk Cannonball and X-Force. And Shoulderpads.”

R.I.P. New Mutants (series 1)

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