Batman. 1989. Michael Keaton. Prince.

We don’t do too much music here, mostly because there isn’t a ton of crossover. 


and an even cooler poster…

But like I said – not too much on the music stuff. But whenever a superhero movie drops, it’s soundtrack is scrutinized a bit. Sometimes it fits the movie – sometimes it makes no sense. Sometimes even the artists involved are passionate about the project. Correct me if Im wrong… but doesn’t it seem like Prince would be a Batman fan?

Mysterious, hangs out in a cave… I bet that the bat-signal probably inspired Prince to change his name to a symbol (why isn’t there a key for that yet?). This “limited edition” (100,000? 500,000?) tin cd set was a big deal when it dropped. Big enough that someone is trying to sell it for $50 in 2010. 

Or maybe you’d rather have the vinyl? I’m not going to lie – flipping through someone’s LP collection and seeing this bad boy would be pretty awesome. 

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  1. Greg G
    Posted April 5, 2010 at 11:09 am | Permalink

    I remember that Prince tin can hanging out in closeout tables at the mall record stores consistently from probably 90-94.

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