Rob Liefeld and the Easter Bunny?

Two things that a young boy in the late 80’s might still really dig. 

And then… slowly but surely,  they start to fade away. The easter bunny begins to become a fat inducing, diabetic bunny who just won’t stop growing. And Rob Liefeld? 

Well we all know… big guns distract you from his ankles. And feet. And hairlines. And general body proportions. But whatever. It’s almost Easter, a lot you reading probably know about Rob’s faith – he’s probably pretty excited. So, here’s a couple of Liefeld originals to adorn your house, maybe not necessarily appropriate for hanging by the Easter baskets.

Siryn. Warpath. Toad. Top tier here people.

Actually a personal favorite. The only bummer here is the Hulk’s head/hair… but otherwise this is my absolute favorite non- New Mutants Liefeld work. So cool.

Oh and this gem…

In interviews, Liefeld has compared himself to other popular artists who experience meteoric success and acclaim early in their careers but near-pariah status afterwards, notably Britney Spears, who “became vapid pop music, and perhaps I was nothing more than a vapid comic book artist.”

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