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Someone is Getting Kicked Out of Mom’s Basement

When you see an Ebay seller listing dozens of shirts and records all from straight edge bands, you can safely assume that person went through a recent life-change. When you see a woman listing her wedding dress, smart money is on that marriage having gone south. And when you see an obviously intense comic book […]

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Speaking of Steve Lightle…

This is awesome. Somebody give me some money so I can buy it. (Click on the pic for the bigger version included in the auction.)

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Back When Marvel Let Interns Design Promos

Here’s a total win. Walt Simonson art paired with the sort of graphic design you might find on a bottle of Chinese shampoo. This is all very 1985 and it’s hard not to love it. Now, if you could locate Walt in his cinderblock and sheet-metal shack somewhere deep in a mountain range peppered with […]

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My Favorite Doom.

Since their debut in My Greatest Adventure # 80, The Doom Patrol has been through so many incarnations it’s almost impossible to keep them straight. At this point, I don’t know if most fans even bother to try. I think the common consensus is that the original run was weird but good, and then nothing […]

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Ice, Ice Baby.

Believe it or not, Vanilla Ice wasn’t always the whitest Ice around. Since 1963, that honor has been held by Bobby Drake of the X-men. How white was he? So white that when he got his first solo mini-series in 1984, it was emo before emo existed. 4 issues of existential angst, in which Iceman […]

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Fathering A Superboy Is Rough.

One can only imagine the stress. So it was really only a matter of time.

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A Day at the Beach

I love Paul Chadwick. His Concrete work strikes every chord you could hope for. Here’s a limited print that manages to touch on many of the same themes as the series. I freakin’ love this guy. Even if you aren’t familiar with Concrete, this is a attractive piece of art you could hang in your […]

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Hellboy vs Vampirella.

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be down to read that. Especially if Mike Mignola actually drew it. I hate that he barely draws Hellboy anymore. Hate it. 🙁

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Alicia Silverstone, You Suck.

You were such a poser Batgirl. This is what a REAL Batgirl looks like… And this is what a REAL Batgirl looks like holding an adorable little puppy dog… Sorry Little Miss Clueless, but Yvonne Craig owns you in every way. What’s that Alicia, you say you’re green with envy? Well guess what… She’s got […]

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“Hidden Loot”? Not Really.

There’s nothing hidden about this loot lot. In fact, it’s blatantly awesome. Blatantly. More pics in the auction.

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