The Rocke-who?

A message board I frequent had a thread recently about the best comic movies (ever). And I found myself extremely annoyed to see no one mention The Rocketeer. I know it was technically a bomb, but that was a bonefide GOOD comic book movie, at a time when there really was virtually no such thing as a good comic book movie; let alone a good comic book movie based on a virtually unheard of independent comic.

Sure, it was kind of kid friendly and might come off a little cheesy today, but helllllooooo Jennifer Connelly…

What a good lookin’ dame. Of course, Disney chose to change her character from a Bettie Page nude model type to a regular old aspiring actress but still…

…ANYWAYS, the original Rocketeer comic was a throwback to the glory days of pulp fiction, pin up girls, and movie serials. In a sense, it was retro before retro was cool. The hardcover collected edition reflected this perfectly in it’s art deco/Metropolis style packaging.

Even the movie merchandise reflected the retro aspects of the comic…

Practically everything associated with The Rocketeer is a work of art. So get into it.

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  1. dave
    Posted April 2, 2010 at 1:57 pm | Permalink

    i had that lunchbox/thermos! nice post. that new hc is def on my wish list..

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