Wild Cards: a prelude.

I’ve been promising myself I’d do a big ol’ post about the Wild Cards series for the past couple months.

Thing is, auctions for the full series are few and far between, and if I’m going to go to town with a full blown history of the series, I want to have auctions for the full series to show you. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still Wild Cards gems to be found on the ‘bay.

I know role playing games aren’t really the norm for nerds anymore, but the Wild Cards series stemmed directly from it’s creators (which included such notables as George RR Martin) participating in a campaign from the role playing game Superworld…

…so it should be no surprise that the Wild Cards series itself ended up as a role playing campaign.

And since both the books and the rpg’s were inspired by superhero comics (the books conceit was a “realistic” take on what the world would be like if superpowers and mutants had existed since the end of WW2; yes we’ve seen that idea many times since but when the books first came out in 1987 it was an almost entirely new concept.), it should also be no surprise that eventually, things would come full circle, and Wild Cards would end up in the world of comic books.

Both of these are actually really good sources for the Wild Cards beginner; regardless of whether or not you’re planning on doing the campaigns, the GURPS sourcebook contains 60 character biographies, many of which are for characters that never really get much background in the books, and the Epic series, though hampered by the constantly varying quality of the art (multiple artists worked on each issue) retells the origins of the main characters and the history of the series up to that point as part of it’s story. While they won’t have you up to speed for anything past book 5 or 6 (the books recently broke into the 20s), they’re still an incredibly great introduction for a Wild Cards new comer.

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