Let’s Get Dangerous…

Coming out of Emerald City Comic Con last week was the news that every kid’s favorite 1990s Disney Afternoon super hero parody Darkwing Duck will be getting brought back by BOOM comics for a 4 issue comic book mini-series. However, this is not the first time the Masked Mallard appeared in comic book form.

Unfortunately, this (also 4 issue mini) series simply adapted the first episode of the cartoon, rather than telling an original tale. As a result, it didn’t focus on the best part of the cartoon: Darkwing’s rogues gallery.

You had Bushroot, your basic Plant Man/Floronic Man character.

Steelbeak, kind of a cross between James Bond villains Jaws and Blofeld.

Megavolt, the Electro of the group.

And then there was Negaduck, the evil Darkwing from another dimension. And Quackerjack, the Joker to Darkwing’s Batman. And so on. The Darkwing rogue’s line up drew from the very best galleries around, making for a line up that was equal parts Batman, James Bond, Spider Man, and the Flash. There was the occasional clunker to be sure (Ammonia Pine, the evil cleaning lady terrorist anyone?), but even the aforementioned all time great galleries of villainy had those. Even the 1992 Nintendo game made sure that the focus of the game was battling the rogues, Mega Man style.

So it’s nice to see that this new comic mini series promises to showcase as many of the Darkwing Duck rogues as possible. Now all we need is for Disney to actually put out the third dvd collection that they’ve been sitting on for three years…

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