John Byrne’s Namor, aka Corporate Namor?!

It’s been established here that the Sub-Mariner rules. So cool. 

It’s amazing to think about how much he smokes other sea characters.  (Looking at you Aquaman…)

But here’s the thing. In most of our readership’s lifetime, he’s never had a successful series. This was probably the closest. John Byrne was coming off a decade on the top. Honestly, the eighties were enormous for Byrne. Imagine just owning the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Superman and brief appearances on Captain America, Batman, and the Avengers? Unstoppable. But then he came “into the 90’s” – and brought a whole lot of Miami Vice and Wall Street with him. Namor became a high powered corporate executive. Right down to the slicked back hair, this title felt odd even when it was on the newsstand. However, I did like it. There were certain arcs that really worked and I definitely was feeling the addition of the Griffin to the cast. If you are a fan of any of the collected works of Byrne, be it FF or Alpha Flight or Superman, you should check this run out. I would’ve loved to see where he would’ve gone with it, however he left after 22 issues – relatively short for the length of which Byrne ran on many of his classics.

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