Iron Man 2.

As I’m sure most of you have seen by now, the newest Iron Man 2 trailer is out, and it is sweeeeeet~! And if you haven’t seen it yet, shame on you, and go watch it already.

It is in the spirit of that trailer that I present to you the following auctions. Since things first things go first, first off we have the first appearance of Iron Man himself:

That’s going to end at a nice price, oh yes. And then we have the first appearances of Whiplash and the Black Widow:

Fortunately the movie makers chose not to go with the characters original outfits. And while I think Mickey Rourke wouldn’t have had a problem looking like a cross between a rooster and a pirate, no one wants to see Scarlett Johansson dressed up like she’s going to a funeral. Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer, meanwhile, I don’t think has ever even made it on the cover of an issue. But that’s ok, because his first appearance had this awesomeness as it’s face:

Namor makes almost any cover from this era awesome, mainly because he’s usually destroying everything in sight.

The first Iron Man movie introduced us to James Rhodes. So did Iron Man issue 118.

It was another 50 issues or so until Rhodey put on any Iron Man armor at all, and another 100+ issues later when he finally became War Machine. Which was basically Iron Man with really big guns. Personally, I never saw the appeal. Total 90s concept, but people really like Rhodey having his own suit so it’s stuck.

And then there was the comic nerd highlight of the whole entire trailer (and again, if you haven’t seen it, go see it before this so it doesn’t spoil the mark out moment)…

The Silver Centurion inspired armor at the end. Total late 80s Iron Man fan mark out moment. Obviously they didn’t completely ape the “robot with a red and silver bucket on for a head” look of the comics version, but it’s definitely the inspiration. Not to mention the twist on the old “Iron Man suit in the suitcase” deal. So cool.

Who’s psyched? I’m psyched.

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