Batman = Batbucks.

Some of you may recall hearing about how, not even a week ago, Batman edged out Superman in the battle for comic price supremacy. Definitely an incredible feat and an incredible price. In the spirit of that, here are a couple auctions for some old time Bat-issues that, while obviously not about to end anywhere near a cool million, still should command some high prices.

Now, Batman #4 may not be a Detective Comics #27 or an Action Comics #1, but I’m still surprised to see that, as of this writing, this auction is only at an “affordable” 360 bucks and change. That’s not so incredible.

Still, with 8 days to go, it’s safe to say that the price will climb much higher. Obviously it’s not going to hit anywhere near the million mark, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

3 days to go, and (as of this writing) only one bid. I’m guessing that $600.00 start price pretty effectively neutered most interest. But I think we’ll still see this climb in the last day or so. I mean, come on, it’s Batman with an old timey machine gun.

I repeat.


With an old timey machine gun.

Get into it.

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