The Weird.

Bob’s Red Tornado post reminded me of something. That something being just how good DC’s mid 80’s advertisements for their comics were. They had a great technique of taking an impactful image and putting the most cryptic possible text with it.

The Killing Joke? A Brian Bolland drawn image of the Joker at his most depraved and maniacal, pouring out sweat with a thousand HA HA HA’s behind him. Great ad.

The Shadow Strikes? Just a stark image of the creepiest looking Shadow ever, drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz. Great ad.

Wasteland? Wild Dog? Suicide Squad? Great ads, all of them.
(I wish I could find scans online to prove my point, but no luck.)

Which leads us to The Weird. The ad for The Weird was actually just the cover of issue # 1:

The text was different, but still. Tell me that’s not an intriguing image. The Justice League shielding their eyes from the glow of a decaying glowing flying guy. And it’s called The Weird. And it’s drawn by horror comic legend Bernie Wrightson. That sets expectations pretty high, if you ask me.

Alas, as you can see from the other covers, The Weird just turned out to be some energy alien who took a human body and dressed up in a ninja suit to save Earth from other energy aliens. The usual run of the mill DC alien hero fare. Total disappointment. Still, you did get a Wrightson drawn Justice League out of the deal.

The Weird blew up at the end of the series, but he was brought back in 2006’s Mystery In Space and then promptly forgotten about. Hey, what do you want, it’s comics.

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