Summer is coming. Believe.

While much of the country has had one hell of a winter, I’ve moved under the snowbelt and currently it’s 68 and sunny. Not bad. Not bad at all. 

But I do want to go to the beach. So bad. Like right now honestly. If someone reading wants to book me a trip to Costa Rica, next weekend will work perfectly. 

Anyways I was thinking… there has to be some Batman Beach Bash items on ebay. Though it wasn’t what I was hoping for (Batman surfing on a shark) it still delivers.


While it’s only the picture (the actual picture does NOT say “sample”) that is for sale and not, say, the utility belt + banana colored trunks, it’s pretty cool. Hang this in your cubicle for inspiration with a sticky note that says, “HANG IN THERE. BAM ZAP KAPOW!” and know that the summer sun is creeping around the corner.

And honestly, if Adam West is at the party… might as well get a 1960’s Surf Rock LP featuring the Batman theme and some other Bat-themed tunes! Pricey, but honestly… it’s probably worth it.

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