Swamp Christ, by Xerox.

The original concept for Swamp Thing number 88 is the stuff of comic legend. Long story short, after Alan Moore left the comic, artist and long time Moore friend Rick Veitch took over the writing, and kept the script going in many of the same interesting directions as Moore had. By the time issue 88 came around, Swampy was travelling around in time, and in that particular issue was supposed to meet Jesus Christ. The script had already been initially approved, and artwork had been started, but the DC head honchos got wet feet, and they vetoed it, resulting it Rick Veitch leaving the comic. Which leads us to the auction below:

The image is totally awesome, right? Really makes you want to read the script. And for 20 bucks, you can. But bear in mind: this guy is just selling COPIES of the artwork and script, along with COPIES of artwork from other, unrelated Swamp Thing stories, and articles on the lost issue originally published in magazines. That’s right COPIES (of other peoples most likely copyrighted work, ahem); presumably the kind you can make at Kinkos for a couple bucks and then put up on Ebay for 20 bucks as “reference material” so that people can learn “the entire story”. If you ask me, that’s kind of like photocopying the section on the Revolutionary War out of your high school history text and selling it to someone as a biography of George Washington. But you know what? There have already been 3 sold, with 2 more on tap.

My hat is off to you, sir. You are a true entrepreneur.

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