Avengers, transitioning…

Changes are good. Sometimes watching changes occur, however, can be awkward.

Seeing sports teams go through rebuilding processes, not fun. 

Watching television series add new characters… not always great. 

Reading comics as they transition through creative teams and rosters… sometimes is awful. 

But sometimes, the rare occasions, it can be great. This segment of Avengers history is brought to you by the “change is good committee for a better America”.


The Avengers had a really strong run in the Mid-80’s. Not the most popular or critically acclaimed, but there’s a moment in Roger Stern’s epic run that can almost bring a tear to my eye. Stern and Buscema had a titanic run that was the defining series for me as far as what the Avengers were – huge, dynamic, heroic, but ultimately flawed.  There was some editorial conflict that led to Stern leaving but Buscema and inker Tom Palmer stayed on, and thank god. Loved this team, so much depth and dimension to their interpretation of the Avengers.

So on the creative side, there was a lot of movement as well. The characters had been through the ringer and by issues 298,299… there was virtually no Avengers. So , bam… Cap (then The Captain, which is a great future post) pulls together some strings and you have the most unlikely and weird Avengers team of all time: Cap, Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, Gilgamesh, and Thor. This lineup doesn’t make it 4 issues before they put the kibosh on that, considering two members were being called back to active duty with the Fantastic Four.

So I could ramble on about these issues for days, but I’ll leave it at this – great issues, Super-Novas, lead-in to John Byrne’s “strange” run on Avengers, and some absolutely great art and stories. Lava-Men, Atlantis Attacks. There’s probably not a good chance that these issues will be collected, so getting them here is a great deal.

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