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My least favorite issue – Avengers

Hey, you know another BUMMER character? Janet Pym. The Wasp.  She’s cooler than… well that’s a hard question. She’s had her moments, but for a while she’s been a total sucker. And how bout making her worse – here’s some weird version of her. I remember picking this up and just being blown away by […]

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Unamerican Gladiators.

I was never the world’s biggest Lobo fan, but boy did I get a kick out of this one as a teenager… Unamerican Gladiators. In which L.E.G.I.O.N. head honcho Vril Dox decides to unearth the corruption behind the Maim Game, a televised, winner take all death match, by tricking Lobo into entering. So we get […]

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The Rocke-who?

A message board I frequent had a thread recently about the best comic movies (ever). And I found myself extremely annoyed to see no one mention The Rocketeer. I know it was technically a bomb, but that was a bonefide GOOD comic book movie, at a time when there really was virtually no such thing […]


How could I forget?

And now we’re standing face to face Isn’t this world a crazy place Just when I thought our chance had passed You go and save the best for last Everyone’s second favorite character from the Mojoverse… (Spiral? No…) Shatterstar. Heroclix? Power boost! Keeping it fresh for ’94… And finally, from the nickel bin (no, really…) […]

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Poster Xtravaganza…

Well it’s just a couple, but they’re pretty damn cool. The very excellent cover of X-Men #2 and a cool group shot of such unbelievably popular mutant heroes such as Feral, Boom-Boom, Domino and Cannonball. Man, I hate Cannonball. So corny. I like every other member of the Guthrie clan ten times more. Show me […]


Quasar + Manga = Mixed results?

I’m working on a Quasar (who?) mega post. Chris inspired me with his killer New Warriors post so I’m going to aim high.  Consider this an appetizer. Wendell Vaughn was like a true life Clark Kent. Nerdy, bad hair and an even worse streak of luck. But for poor Wendell, even the quantum bands (read: […]

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Missed the chance to yuck it up for St. Patrick’s Day. Honestly, as an Irish who doesn’t drink, I think it’s kind of a bummer (understatement) what St. Patrick’s Day has become. Anyways, off the soap box.  And into the easter eggs. And candy. Especially peeps and reese’s eggs.  On top of that, I’m just […]

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Everyone… dead?

So I had a rather in-depth conversation regarding auditory hallucination vs. negative impulse control and that led me to think… It’s a violent world.  And for some reason, we (as humans) seem to be somewhat obsessed with not only violence, but death. And we (as comic fans) reflect that very same thing. Big two, let’s […]

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So uhhhh…

What’s going on here, exactly? Cuz something definitely seems off kilter. I of course refer to the fact that the space ape has 3 limbs on his left side. What do you mean you thought I meant that the space ape was doing that planet in the butt and exploding it with the force of […]

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Sum total of the hatred of 2 billion beings destroyed by Odin! Apparent cousin to a minotaur! Possessor of tenta-hands! Wearer of a Ramses beard! How do you NOT love this guy? Such an incredibly crazy Kirby design. This dude really needs to make a come back. Yeah, sure he showed up when Thor initiated […]

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