Super Hot Wheels and not so super Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels. A staple of every boy’s childhood since the 60s, and if you didn’t have Hot Wheels you had Matchbox cars. The Marvel superheroes went the Hot Wheels route, to varying effects. The best one I think belongs to the Mighty Thor…

A van with a Thor mural on the side? They should make them in real life.

Ok, Captain America and the Human Torch get speedy lil’ race car numbers, I can see that.

Yikes. Cool looking vehicles these are not, even with the rad Hulk Smash pose on the side of his car. Spidey doesn’t even get any noticeable logo, just what appears to be some sort of giant bubble spider in lieu of a roof.

Still could be worse. The ever lovin’ blue eyed Thing? He has to squish himself into a Pinto.

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