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Speaking of not so super Super-dogs.

Oh Dyno-mutt, could you ever do anything right?

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Super… Dog?

Ironically, a sign of true “brand” greatness is the expansion into weird secondary content and characters. How else can you explain this fellow?  Somewhere along the lines of making this toy, KRYPTO the SuperDog hit some heat and started to look more and more like Scooby-Doo. I can’t even start on BatDog. Honestly, the only […]

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Duh nu nu nah nu nah nu nah Tat-man.

Poor Tattooed Man. You were never cool. Good concept, to be sure, but the execution has always been sub par. At least the original “Jack Lemmon in a sailor outfit” version has a nice retro quality to him. The new version, on the other hand, with it’s gang banger imagery and Ghost Rider-esque “sin-grafting” concept, […]

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DC Archives Lot.

You really can’t go wrong here. Not just because these are hardcover, fully restored, editions of classic comics, but also because of the possible savings. The DC Archive editions have a cover price of $49.95. Buying one from Amazon or something? That’s still about 40 bucks, give or take a couple. But this is EIGHT […]

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One thing DC always had over Marvel? A dedication to gorillas. Sooooo many gorilla characters floating around the DC Universe. Gorilla Grodd, Congorilla, Titano… The Ultra Humanite even had an albino gorilla body. So it stands to reason that there was a Super Gorillas special or two.

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Ghost Rider motorcycle hero…

Sneakin’ round round round in a blue jumpsuit… Seriously, Ghost Rider might be one of the coolest looking superheroes EVER. A flaming skull in a jumpsuit, who rides a motorcycle. So cool. Or hot. Whichever. Just look at this cover. The guy was cool from the jump. His series reboot in the 90s? Grim and […]

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Super Hot Wheels and not so super Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels. A staple of every boy’s childhood since the 60s, and if you didn’t have Hot Wheels you had Matchbox cars. The Marvel superheroes went the Hot Wheels route, to varying effects. The best one I think belongs to the Mighty Thor… A van with a Thor mural on the side? They should make […]

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Gremlin, son of Gargoyle.

Not going to lie, when I started looking for old Hulk comics featuring the long forgotten villain the Gremlin (perhaps better known to fans of Iron Man as one of the men behind the Titanium Man armor), I really wasn’t expecting to find anything. So imagine my surprise to see that not only are there […]

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What’s good?

I was about to write about how this would be something on my list of “to check out” for anyone who’s been away from comics for a minute. Then I remembered what I’m about to dive into.  So rather, I’d like to say this is a great series for people either into comics now, or […]

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Mug, Mug, Mug, Mug

Sometimes, you want to go incognito. You don’t really want to wear your Spider-Man pajamas in front of that new lady who came over.  You’d rather your coworkers ask about your DVD collection, not your Moon Knight collection.  And you certainly don’t want to wear your THE MAXX t-shirt to meet your in-laws.  How do […]

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