Star Wars and Comics. A perfect fit.

There was an EU before the European Union. 

The Extended Universe.

To the casual Star Wars fan, that means nothing. To the diehard, it’s everything.

To some of us in between, it’s… confusing. Intriguing. Overwhelming. 

The extended universe, for those uninformed, is what happened when fans starving for more are given an extended look at the star wars universe. Past, present, and (possible) future(s). This expansion gave the nerd in all of us something to nerd about. Everyone who salivated at the thought of more Boba Fett than a few seconds on the screen.. you’ve got it. Sometimes it becomes a tangled web of continuity, but overall… it just gives a bit more to consume and digest when thinking about Tatooine and Jengo Fett.

Overall, I’m into it. And the best place to access this cornucopia of Star Wars expansion, in my opinion, is through the comics. Now many may argue that the novels are a more concise option, but I’d say the visual component has always been important to Star Wars. This was a movie first, not a novel. While there is a place for all of these mediums, Star Wars was built on a rich story AND a beautiful canvas to look at – from the first time a giant star destroyed crossed over the screen – that’s a visual that just CAN’T be done in text. 

But here’s a nice shirt that celebrates both the classic look of the movies and the move into the comics world. Wish they had an actual image of the shirt, but I’ve seen these in real life and always loved the look. Much more in the Star Wars world, EU or otherwise, to come. 

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