Much of my early time in life, like most readers, consisted of fake words and noises. 




I was introduced to a new range of sounds (this time, in actual audio) in the early 90’s as arcade fighting games took hold on every prepubescent boy in the country. As much as Kang, Loki, and Magneto were still the baddies I conjured on my sketch pad, a new series of characters had begun to infect my brain. I had long been into video games, but with Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2 dropping, the interest level had extended way beyond the likes of Mario, Link, and Hammer and Spike.

Within about 6 years the fighting game world had become passe, or so we had thought. Capcom, that rascally video game company who always has a few cards up their sleeve, dropped Marvel vs. Capcom, and a brief but glorious resurrection was mounted. 

A tried and true rationale brought this game to the top, and at the same time uniting two huge fanbases. Recognizable and loved characters, from two different worlds, pulled together in one and put into conflict. The idea resembles every bad crossover – characters meet, fight, realize they aren’t supposed to, hug, and find the real baddie. Well, Basically, you get the juiciest part here. The FIGHT. 

While Chun-Li and Spider-Man is about as exciting a crossover as “Paint” and “Wall”, the fast paced, high action game was the best of it’s time and made even the blandest of characters vibrant. Capitalizing on a dramatic and manga inspired style that gave Street Fighter it’s own look, the bright colors of the Marvel heroes finally felt right in this environment. And while the X-Men arcade game deserves it’s own post too… well, Marvel vs. Capcom was just that much better.

Hopefully most of you have this (or a sequel) on your PS2/XBox360/PS3/etc, but at $699 or best offer, this certainly would make a very nice addition to any home.

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