Kick Ass kicks ass.

Since a new Kick Ass movie poster was just released (and does that movie look like it’s going to be awesome or what? Nicolas Cage alone is worth price of admission.), I thought it would be appropriate to showcase a few auctions featuring Kick Ass the actual comic.

For the autograph hound: issue #1, signed by writer Mark Millar, artist John Romita Jr, and… Jane Goldman? Yeah, I went “who?” too, then I googled her. She’s one of the writers for the movie, and she’s British and hot and usually has pink hair, and she hosts a paranormal investigation show… yeah, you kind of need her autograph.

For the art collector: A Romita sketch of Kick Ass… done on the back of a baseball jersey? Hey, whatever.

And for the uninitiated: all 7 issues of the comic. Yes, that’s right, an ongoing comic series that has only gone 7 issues has a full length motion picture coming out already. But it’s one that looks really, REALLY good, and the comic itself is really, REALLY good (when it actually comes out), so let’s give it a pass on getting a little big for it’s britches, shall we?

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