Autographed X-Men #1

12 year old me is salivating at the sight of this.

X-Men #1. Red variant cover.

Autographed by Jim Lee.

Autographed by Chris Claremont.

Autographed by Stan Lee.

First, Jim Lee was probably my favorite artist of the 90s. The Image comics held me captive like no other. I had Casablanca Comics in Windham ME holding EVERY issue they released. I still have all of them. So many #1. So few #2s (since most comics only seemed to last 1 issue, Supreme anyone?).

And Chris Claremont? Shut it down. That guy could write a story about soggy bread and I would read it 4 times before falling asleep. I would even sneak a flashlight to read it after my parents told me to go to bed again. That guy was a genius. An innovator. I enjoyed his fictional books too. Great reads.

Stan Lee. Nuff said.

Someone buy me this. Comes with a COA. Dope.

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