Suicidal 4 life.

You’re rarely, and I do mean rarely, ever going to hear me say something like this. But if you’ve got a spare C note lying around, then this is a must buy.

I repeat: A MUST BUY.

Suicide Squad, one of my favorite comic books ever, combined super villains and political intrigue in a manner that had been virtually unheard of at the time. Writer John Ostrander took cheeseball characters like Count Vertigo, Lashina, Dr Light and Captain Boomerang and took them seriously, turning them into well rounded characters with personalities instead of goofy gimmicks. Not only that, but Suicide Squad introduced us to perhaps the best non-powered antagonist in DC comics since Lex Luthor; Amanda “The Wall” Waller. It may seem tame and dated now, but it was without a doubt one of the first mainstream superhero comic book for adults. And it’s never been collected. DC was going to put out a Showcase Presents edition in 2008, but somehow it never appeared.

Even if this was just a full run of the first volume of the series (which ran from 1987-1992), this would be worth the money. But this seller has sweetened the pot by including virtually every other Suicide Squad comic that has been printed since, from the first appearance of the 80s Squad in the Legends miniseries, to the 4 issue Deadshot mini series that completed Ostrander’s reinvention of the character as a tragic figure, to the recent 8 issue mini series that saw Ostrander return to writing duties… even a handful of issues from Keith Giffen’s poorly received (and short lived) 2001 relaunch. By my count there are 89 comics being sold here for a mere $75 Buy It Now. That’s under a dollar a comic.

What are you waiting for? Go buy it.

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