Grant Morrison’s New X-Men

Grant Morrison.


Things happened. Things happened that got me back into comic books, for the umpteenth time. 

For a long time in the nineties, mainstream comics got bad. I mean, REALLY BAD. The focus shifted from good stories teamed with quality visual story-telling to over inflated biceps and stories that were deflating to read. And perhaps never rising above a fifth grade writing level. Thankfully, that changed towards the end of the decade. Lots of reasons for that, which I’ll get into some point in the future. 

Below are links to the three volume collection of Grant Morrison’s complete run on New X-Men, my favorites being the first two, though I would say all three are essential to any fan of modern comics. Immediately familiar characters with an added level of depth from (see above) good stories teamed with great visual story-telling. Frank Quitely gets the lion’s share of acknowledgement for the art, but I think Ethan Van Sciver did a bang up job as well (though there’s some interesting stories regarding his time on the book.) 

Great prices on these. Thank me later.

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