Original art, meh.

Touched on original art in that last post.  I think particularly the Gil Kane page from 1962 is a bargain at $2650. Here’s an item for considerably less that I would like to submit as an example of a not-so-desirable original art piece.

Just so you can have some comparison – here’s an Adam Kubert piece from the early 2000’s that kind of shows a somewhat weak page, and therein, a cheap price tag.

Bummer – no clear focus shot, no really good images of anyone in particular (you get half of wolverine’s face and a profile shot of… Storm? Not sure. Not a good sign. Oof), and otherwise a whole lot of quick sketches, little detail, and something you would hang on the wall and go “well, at least I got an Adam Kubert page.” After all, it still is one of a kind, but just not inspiring. I say this while noting that Adam Kubert did some incredible work on all of the x-titles from the mid-90’s and on, but this certainly isn’t his finest hour.

Okay, the cool things about this page. There are a few. 

1. Bamf!

2. The note in the upper corner stating “NO SFX PLEASE” – obviously his work put into the next panels took care of any implied noise.

3. Good Kubert style details on the face of Wolverine and I do like the profile shot, just without reference I can’t tell you who it is, and that’s a very bad sign.

Outside of that, you get a whole lot of quick lines, indecipherable sketch figures, and not a whole lot to understand with just this page.

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