Green Lantern v. Sinestro

I’ve got to come honest – I’ve always been more of a Marvel guy.

Stray into some more indie stuff, image never did it for me, and then there was that guy on the other side of the room. He had his friends, and they weren’t all that different from me. But there was something off… kind of just rubbed me the wrong way. Not that I didn’t respect him, but… that was DC.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve warmed up to him, and occasionally when the holidays come around, or it’s just me and him, we can share a laugh or a good story. So, that’s what’ll be reflected from here out. Anyways – always had a soft spot for Green Lantern, he (along with the Metal Men) were always my Pops’ favorites, and I might’ve read a couple issues. So when I came across this great cover on Ebay, I figured it was worth a post.

Original art is VERY valuable, and this piece is particularly stunning. Great Ernie Chan art that has a very Neal Adams meets Gil Kane feel to it, as much of the mid 70’s art does. Not to take away the talent of this piece or the artist, who went on to have a very successful career on Conan the Barbarian. High price tag, but definitely not out of this world for a one of a kind cover from the mid 70’s.

This led me right into this, another piece of original art that should be framed over someone’s long boxes somewhere. A page from Green Lantern #7, the very first appearance of Sinestro, as noted multiple times in bold by ol’ Hal Jordan himself on this very page. Price tag on this is surprising to me, considering the artist, age (1962), and quality of the piece. Original art value is based upon relevance and quality of the piece. For example, a random dialogue page from a Jim Lee X-Men won’t fetch much, but a splash page (important scene of action or big image of lead character) will most definitely sink your wallet. This page has some very cool stuff going on, multiple very clear shots of Green Lantern, and certainly some relevant plot points being dealt with. If I had the liquid, this would most definitely be on my short list of “things to buy.”

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