1970’s Spider-Van

Did the word Kitsch really have significant value to the world before the 1970’s?

I don’t think so (though according to a quick google search I was alerted to it’s German origins in the 1860’s.)

So this toy embodies many of those kitsch qualities – ugly colors, self applied stickers, and, like most early 70’s econoline vans I’ve seen in my lifetime…

” Van is in good structural shape but missing the bumpers and is dusty.”

Might want to check the carfax on this one. Regardless, this Spiderman Mobile Crime Lab Vehicle is a MEGO classic, and should be heralded as such. Any cool toy made in the 70’s was probably made by Mego, but I’m not exactly a connoisseur, so tell us if you know otherwise. A cool item that in better condition would probably fetch a nice price. 

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