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Batman Hawaiian Shirt

Sometimes kitschy goes too far. This is one of those times. This is a Batman Hawaiian shirt. Why? Why would someone do this to the Dark Knight? Are those short sleeves or long sleeves? I just cannot tell. They could be 3/4 length. Ooooooofffffffffffffffff

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Uncanny X-Men #119 – CGC 9.8

The era of Claremont / Byrne on Uncanny X-Men isn’t just considered classic – it’s canonical. This issue and story arc actually wasn’t the height of that ( just wait till X4 hits theaters in 2012 with new villain MOSES MAGNUM) but it was still pretty good. The blaxploitation parallels to Marvel in the late […]

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Marvel’s GI Joe #26

As a boy, I loved the G.I. Joe franchise. I had a ton of toys, watched the cartoon and even had a subscription to the comic. I think my first issue was around 35 (if I was near them, I could walk over and look. Yes, I still have them all). I read each one […]

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